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  • Aston Fields Middle School
  • Aston Fields Middle School
  • Aston Fields Middle School
  • Aston Fields Middle School

Project Details

  • Client: Aston Fields Middle School
  • Main Contractor: Ali Systems Ltd
  • Photos: Ali Systems Ltd

Products Supplied

  • SAPA Dual Frame 75Si Casement Windows We built the new stairwell out of fabricated Dualframe 75 Si Casement aluminium windows. These use advanced polyamide thermal break technology to provide thermal performance without the need to resort to complex and costly sealed unit specification. Meaning we could supply and install a high performance system within the schools available budget.
  • These excellent performance characteristics make the Dualframe 75 Si casement the ideal solution for a large project like this in an educational establishment.
  • The Si Window System has been specifically designed to comply with the ever increasing complexity of Secured by Design, Building Regulations, British Standards and other regulatory demands.
  • Superior thermal performance is achieved with a unique polyamide thermal barrier enabling Si to comfortably exceed the requirements of Part L 2016 of the Building Regulations for thermal insulation. And consigning draughty school corridors to the history lessons.
  • Si windows have been awarded BSI Kitemarks to BS4873 ‘Specification for aluminium alloy windows’ and PAS24 ‘Specification for enhanced security performance’.
  • The school opted for a neutral colour: RAL9007M Metallic Grey Matt.
  • With an increased focus on the energy efficiency of buildings - especially public buildings such as schools and academies - it is invaluable to use windows and doors that help towards the overall reduction of energy consumption. The Si suite enables superior overall window performance to be achieved without the need to resort to complex and costly sealed unit specifications. The Si window suite can achieve an “A+” Window Energy Rating and where specified ‘U’ Values down to 0.9 W/m2K. As well as achieving exceptional thermal performance, the Si suite attains superior weather performance for water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance.
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