Hybrid Aluminium & Timber

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The hybrid system combines aluminium on the external face and timber internally. Reduced maintenance of the external frames are needed with aluminium compared to that of a timber external finish which requires annual attention. In addition the timber internal profiles provide added insulation and thermal benefits compare to that of other material types meaning that the system U-values are lower. All this combined with having the warmth and natural appearance of timber internally.

Hybrid windows combinine aluminium and timber in a range of styles and typesHybrid Windows

There are two series for the Hybrid window systems. Series 1 provides two different profile types along with inward and outward opening configurations. Series 2 is a super insulating system providing U-values well below those required in current regulations.

– Opening out casements in Series 1 or Series 2
– Overswing (reversible) in Series 1
– Opening in tilt-turn in Series 1
– Fixed frames in Series 1 or Series 2

Hybrid doors combinine aluminium and timber as single, double, sliding and folding sliding bi-foldsHybrid Doors

Both in and outward opening entrance doors as single and double sets are available in the Series 1 Hybrid system allowing the profiles of doors and windows to match for any project. With the addition of folding sliding (bi-folding) doors and lift and slide sliding door systems there is a door product solution with the hybrid system for any opening requirement.

– Opening in or out entrances doors in Series 1
– Lift and slide, sliding systems
– Folding sliding (bi-folding) doors

Hybric aluminium and timber curtain walling for large scale domestic and commersial applicationsHybrid Curtain Walling

The Hybrid Series 3 is the cherry on top of the Hybrid product range. As a medium rise curtain walling system it has been designed to achieve high weather and thermal performance.

Mullions and transoms are made from solid engineered timber with the mullions designed to run through providing optimum strength. Transoms are front loaded using a unique joining method which are then fully concealed externally by the long-life low maintenance aluminium.

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