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Aluminium is one of the best and most popular material types available for commercial and domestic door and window products. A stronger and far superior solution that uPVC due to sustainability and life cycle, and significantly reduced maintenance compared to timber framed options. With some of the advancements introduced to the thermal break technology, the efficiency and U-values offered are also improving to keep aluminium doors and windows ahead of changes in building regulations.

Aluminium windows with a range of opening types and stylesAluminium Windows

A wide range of aluminium window styles and options are available within the Ali Systems range. There are different profile widths to accommodate both domestic and commercial applications. Higher frame insulation for projects where U-vales need to be optimised. Windows types for integration with other system such as doors and curtain walling. Varying profile styles and shapes within specific ranges also allow for further personalisation.

– Opening out casements and opening in tilt-turn
– Reversible and pivot
– Horizontal openers
– Vertical and vertical-tilt openers
– Parallel push
– Fixed frames

Aluminium doors as single, double, sliding and folding sliding bi-fold setsAluminium Doors

Aluminium door systems are available in a range of system and configuration types. Many of these are designed as part of a range to work with the window systems. This allows for doors and windows with the same or similarly designed profiles to be installed on projects. Some door types can also be installed combined with curtain walling systems.

– Commercial and domestic opening in or out entrance doors as single or double sets
– Sliding patio doors
– Folding sliding (bi-folding)

Aluminium curtain walling for large scale domestic and commersial applicationsAluminium Curtain Walling

Aluminium curtain walls have a wide range of applications. Combined with door systems they are used as feature entrances to buildings and shop fronts. Other commercial applications can see them used as the whole wall of a single or multi-storey building. They can also combine some window systems to provide ventilation when required.

Domestic applications of curtain walling are more limited. However, when a large wall of glass is needed with limited horizontal and vertical interruptions then a curtain wall system will provide the solution.

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