Routine Maintenance

Aluminium products

The hardware fitted to aluminium products do not need ‘calendar’ servicing but they should be maintained on an ‘as necessary’ basis. Items such as door locks, friction hinges, and reversible window gear which have been lubricated in manufacture and/or installation should be treated with the appropriate lubricant when they show signs of stiffening up in use or they have been left unused for a considerable time.

A list of appropriate lubricants is included below:

Hinge pivots, Handles, Locks Light Machine Oil
Hinge channels Vaseline
Cylinder Locks Graphite or PTFE based Lubricant
Vertical Sliding Window Balances (VSW) Torso Castrol RustiloDWF Others Multipurpose grease

When cleaning the products it is a wise precaution to check that all hardware fixing screws are tight, connections between VSW balances and sashes remain correct, safety stops/catches/latches are in place, and that all parts are free from damage.

At the same time, and at least annually, make sure that drainage paths are not blocked by airborne debris or other ‘foreign’ bodies.

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