Other Hardware

Emergency Escape Hardware

Ensure regular operation the emergency escape device to ensure a clean release of the locking points as the bar is operated. Also check for unimpeded opening and closing of the door, including successful engagement of both locking points as the door closes. This should always occur quickly and easily without.
Carry out normal monthly checks and ensure that the strike plate is free from obstruction especially important for high traffic, commercial and corrosive conditions.

– Remove the cosmetic end cap from the locking stile end of the bar

– Check that the screw retaining the crank onto the vertical rod mechanism is securely fastened.

– Check all other fixing (including the head strike) are securely fastened

– Lubricate with high grade, lithium based grease the top of the square bolt where it bears against the stop plate of the top bolt actuator.

– Lubricate all other moving parts with grease that is silicone based.

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