Hinges, Fixings & Restriction

Maintenance and Lubrication

As with most mechanical devices, hinges require periodic maintenance and lubrication. The hinge in general and particularly the pivots, sliding shoe and track must be kept free from dirt, debris and any obstructions at all times.

At Time of Installation Lubricate all pivot points with light machine oil and wipe away excess, one drop per pivot is sufficient.

We suggest one a general light engineering oil with corrosion inhibitors such as Castrol Everyman or 3 in 1 oil (available in aerosol can for convenience).
NB: Solvent based aerosol sprays like WD40 are not suitable for this application

At least once every year carry out the following checks:

  • Clean any dirt or debris from the hinge and clear any obstructions from the pivots, sliding shoe and track
  • Apply lubrication detailed above
  • Check the tightness and security of all fixing screws and rivets

NB: It is not recommended to lubricate friction parts since this will reduce the friction.


Fixings and Restrictors

Depending on the type of fixing the maintenance required to prevent corrosion can vary.

  • To maintain the original colour of Brass parts they have to be polished regularly.
  • Stainless steel can be affected and spots that look like rust can appear, these are removed by using a stain remover and polish.
  • Lacquered fittings should be maintained with paint according to the instructions of the paint and colour manufacturer.
  • Anodized aluminium should be cleaned at least once a year. It is recommended to polish the surface with a cloth or sponge. Only neutral solvents and non-scratching material should be used.

NB: Damage to any fixing surface treatment may occur when using tools in adjustment or maintenance.

Where restrictors are supplied either as an integral part of the hardware or as a separate component, it is essential that the restrictor function correctly. After installations the windows must be checked for function and all restrictors and reverse catches should limit the opening or closing of the window. Initial restrictors must hold the window at approximately 100mm max and automatically engage and reengage when operated.


Corrosion Resistance

The amount of corrosion precaution and care required is affected by the environmental location.

When subjected to the relevant neutral salt spray test to BS7479:1991/ISO9227:1990 the hinge remains functional, there is no significant surface pitting caused by corrosion. Some surface discolouration is to be expected.

Attention must also be paid to other factors leading to corrosion, for example the effects of caustic fluids, air pollution, coastal or industrial environments.

If a hinge is fitted in an area where it is exposed to a corrosive atmosphere, e.g. salt laden sea air in coastal locations, we recommend that in addition to the general maintenance and lubrication all metal surfaces are lightly coated with lubrication oil or sprayed with a proprietary anticorrosion spray. (It is important to follow instructions for any of these products used). Maintenance may need to be carried out more frequently. (Dependent on the severity of the prevailing conditions) If conditions are severe (e.g. sea-facing or exposed to heavy salt laden sea spray) it would be advisable to specify Austenitic (304) stainless steel on hinge components.


Environmental Constraints

Normal operating conditions for all hinges are:
Operating temperature range 20°C to +60°C
Operating humidity range 10% Relative Humidity to 95% Relative Humidity

The materials used will not degrade due to ultra violet light, or when using neutral acidity non-solvent cleaning chemicals, at a rate faster than other parts of the window assembly. However, the practice of cleaning brickwork with acidic based products will have serious effects if allowed to come into contact with hardware. Corrosion or failure of hardware as a result of this practice will not be covered by the warranty issued on such products. For further advice on recommended procedures for protecting the window during this operation, please contact us.

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