HOPPE brand fittings are made of the best quality base materials. The surface is protected from corrosion either by transparent lacquer, anodising and electroplating such as chrome-plating or by a special vacuum-coating process. Surfaces protected by chrome-plating or vacuum-coating have a high scratch resistance.

  • HOPPE material finishes require no special care. Dirt can be removed with a damp cloth; use of caustic and abrasive cleansers should be avoided
  • Selected items from the HOPPE hardware range carry a 10 year surface guarantee. They are therefore suitable for coastal areas and highly frequented areas such as public buildings, shops and hotels.
  • All products with the Resista surface guarantee have undergone continual quality testing and, when new, conform to the requirements of the corrosion standard BS EN 1670

Maintenance and Care

Dirt can be easily removed with a soft damp cloth. The use of caustic cleansers or chemicals should be avoided.

  • Handles should not be over tightened as this may impair the operation of the espagnolette, shoot bolt, lock or tilt & turn mechanism
  • Casement fasteners and stays should not be over tightened as this may split the frame, especially on a timber system
  • All handles should be lightly lubricated twice per year and cleaned with a soft damp cloth to remove any dust or grime, taking care not to scratch the surface
  • Lightly lubricate (twice a year) with a light machine oil between the handle and the back-plate

Only clean the handle with a soft damp cloth

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